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Friday, November 19, 2010

Puppy Love

its a Golden Retriever puppies :P
my Brother might go insane when he see this picture.
he likes them. (:
practically, I'm more like a Schnauzer person :P

hee :D
anyway that's actually not my topic for today.
but no, that's not what i meant D:
don't get the wrong idea, i love puppies too alright.
anyway the puppy love i mentioning is about teens my age coupling with other.
I do not know do you called it puppy love in the overseas,
but in malaysia, we call this type of love
"puppy love"
don't ask me, the reason i thought was maybe it wouldn't last long?
i don't know, its not for me to decide. D:

Anyways, during the past few days, i've been observing myself.
my conclusion states that i'm not that serious about the guy that I like from the ice rink,
i mean, yeah just an admire maybe, but my heart still only
belongs to the one and only person


you know what, i don't care what does he thinks of me,
neither do I care if he already has someone in mind,
but right now in the sense that, I realized no one could replace his place.
just look at my previous post! it says it all. and before realizing i had a procedure that
make me realized my results. (:
while thinking I was somehow in the sense watching this video

the song of the ad is glasgow love theme
is a nice video. its even in my music player up there! :B

Glasgow Love Theme[Quote by: Joanne♥]

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